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SALINA — The Salina Library will host local New York Central authors Glenn Ivers, Kate Monto, Bekah Kurz, Patricia Antone and Laura Livingston Snyder from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 1. They will discuss and answer questions about their books. Copies will be available for purchase and signature.

Glenn Ivers is the author of “Angels of Bastogne”. The novel is based on the true story of a US Army doctor from Manlius and two heroic Belgian nurses who volunteer at an aid station in Bastogne, Belgium. It tells the story of soldiers and civilians caught up in the struggle for control of the strategic city during the Battle of the Bulge, and veterans who gathered in Bastogne 50 years later to reminisce and remember fallen comrades.
Ivers will share his writing process and invite others to share their family memories of World War II, believing it is the responsibility of future generations to keep memories of courage and sacrifice alive.

Kate Monto is the author of the children’s picture book “Calpurnia and the Pink Pedestal”. Calpurnia is a charming elephant, who inspires everyone at Coast Toy Shop with her joy. She only wants one experience: to be the chosen toy atop the store’s famous pink pedestal. Surrounded by good friends, especially a young lion named Humphrey, Calpurnia realizes that being with those you love is more important than being in the spotlight.

Kate Monto is a New York State-certified high school English teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Hilbert College and a master’s degree in teaching science from Le Moyne College.

“Calpurnia and the Pink Pedestal” is illustrated by Melissa Monto Nograsek. Melissa has always had a passion for art and design. Having earned her BFA from Syracuse University, she continues her work in interior design and decorating; creative paintings and custom artwork.

Bekah Kurz is the author of the young adult fantasy novel “Hearth Blessed,” the first in the “Fairy Talent” series. The novel follows Enya, who was visited by a fairy on the day of her birth and appointed a sióg cumas or fairy talent. Eighteen years later, Enya hides her gift out of fear. When Enya’s sister is taken from their home, Enya must travel with another Sióg Cumas to find her sister. Follow her Instagram @bekahkurz for updates on the second book in the Fairy Talents series.

Patricia Antone is a well-known local novelist. She is the author of several romantic series, including “Blue Collar Series”, “Falling Seals…The Blind Missions” and “The Destiny’s Path Series”. She is one of the founders of The Wandering Wordsmiths and travels locally with a group of writers to celebrate reading and writing.

Laura Livingston Snyder is an urban fantasy writer who puts her novels in CNY. The five-book series, “Dream Seer,” is all about what makes fall spooky: ghosts, time travel, witches, and magic. “Huntress” has specials, humans with extra abilities, who hunt down rogue mythical creatures, unnaturals, threatening to expose their hidden world.

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