Small free library installed at Summerville Medical Center as part of the “Gift of Literacy” program | Community news


The Summerville Rotary Club has partnered with Summerville Medical Center to set up a new, small, free library on the medical center campus. A dedication ceremony for the free library, which is one of many throughout the community, was held on December 20.

The library is part of an initiative launched by the Rotary Club almost three years ago called the “Literacy as a Gift” program. The idea behind free libraries is that when someone picks up a book, they also leave one for the next person to read.

But David Powell, who is a member of the Summerville Rotary Club, said club members also plan to ensure libraries remain stocked with books.

“It’s been a three-year campaign,” said Powell. “We think this one will get a lot of attention.… We will maintain it and make sure there are enough books.”

Kelly Bowen, director of public relations and communications at the medical center, said the club had set up its first library, the hospital’s Level II special care nursery, in early 2020. Since then, parents and volunteers used the books to read to babies in the nursery during the visit. Bowen also noted that each baby in the special care nursery comes home with their own copy of “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” “.

“We’re just trying to improve the literacy of the community,” said Powell.

In December 2020, the Rotary Club set up an additional library at Brighton Park ER, which is the stand-alone emergency medical center in County Berkeley.

The most recently installed library is located outside the visitors’ entrance to the medical center, which is a high traffic area on campus. Hospital staff say they look forward to having the resource for visitors, patients and staff to choose a book during their stay at the medical center.

Jeff Taylor, CEO of Summerville Medical Center, attended the ceremony alongside Shirley Berado, President of the Summerville Rotary Club, and Shari Stuach and Wayne Waters, both Rotary Club members.


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