Someone in BC returned a library book 51 years late and the note he left is hilarious (PHOTO)


If you cringe thinking about all your overdue library books, you might take comfort in the fact that someone in Vancouver just returned theirs after 51 years.

It’s unclear whether it was just a very long book or a very slow reader – but either way, the public library has a sense of humor about the delayed return and has even shared the apology note that came with it.

Shortly after the library got rid of its late fees for good, the person decided to finally make the long-awaited comeback. The Vancouver Public Library released a photo of the old book, which has a stamp on it saying the due date was August 1, 1963.

The stamp also stated that the late fee was five cents per day. It adds up over decades, so luckily the library has waived the fee.

The note on the book was an excuse for the late return, but the culprit couldn’t help but mention that it was still “in great shape.”

To be fair, for a book this old, it seems to be pretty intact.

The Vancouver Public Library announcement on June 1, they cleared overdue fees and said it was “another way for VPL to help improve affordability in Vancouver.”

Now, if you forget to return something, you’ll be charged a lost item fee after 23 days, which will then be waived when you return it.

Hopefully that doesn’t say you have half a century to do it!


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