Sri Lanka’s first online book library for children


Most parents can understand the difficulty of getting their kids to study virtually and keeping them focused on education, offers a simple yet effective solution.

Sri Lanka’s first online book library platform exclusively for children was launched recently, making it easier for parents to keep their children interested in virtual learning.

Founder Boopathy Kahathuduwa has been a lawyer by profession and CIMA speaker for over a decade.

“Our platform offers interactive books in Sinhala and English, read aloud by teachers of both languages. It also includes traditional Sri Lankan folk titles, as well as English storybooks, the first of their kind in Sri Lanka, ”said founder Boopathy Kahathuduwa. “We also have our own group of educated and professional storytellers who have created new stories for our website,” he added.

Kahathuduwa noted that it was absolutely necessary to create a platform for digital books available to children across the island. Currently, every book uploaded to the website has been verified by qualified kindergarten teachers, language masters, categorized by age range and available in Sinhala and English. “We are in the process of expanding our library to also include Tamil books,” he said.

The digital library includes story books that are available for free, as well as a larger selection that can be purchased. The free version also allows sample stories and coloring books for children which can be viewed online.

Wooks offers three monthly subscription packs that allow its viewers to have unlimited views of the entire library on any working electronic device, with new titles added each month. The Sinhala subscription is priced at Rs. 499 per month. The English subscription is priced at Rs. 699 per month. The subscription for both languages ​​is Rs. 999 per month. recommends using a laptop or device with a large screen for an enhanced experience.

“We intend to allow every child to read, so if there is a child who wants to read but cannot afford to buy books, our platform will provide free access. Teachers can contact us and we will give our entire library free to the student, rural schools, nursery or children’s home.

In line with their vision, provides its platform for free to public schools; and for private schools and kindergartens at a special rate. They also offer individual teaching aids such as exercise books on request. “We had our first online story reading session for grade 1 and 2 kids at Thurstan College, Colombo. It was a huge success, parents, teachers and kids loved it.

“We realized that there is a deeper impact in terms of teaching our children good habits and good manners in a fun and interactive way, in addition to sharing knowledge online. We therefore aim to use this platform in such a way that it has a beneficial impact on its users, ”Kahathuduwa concluded. For more information visit

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