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On Monday, July 18, 2022, the Pasadena City Council voted unanimously to place the ‘Pasadena Public Library Services Continuation Measure’ on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

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Voters will decide whether to maintain a dedicated and special revenue stream for Pasadena Public Library programs and services. If voters approve this measure, it will continue to generate approximately $2.8 million annually for the next 15 years in dedicated, locally controlled dollars for Pasadena libraries.

Since its inception over 135 years ago, the Pasadena Public Library has achieved a unique position as a highly valued educational and cultural institution. With more than 3,000 onsite programs, free Wi-Fi services, and an extensive collection of print books, periodicals, media, and cloud-based e-books, the Pasadena Public Library serves as a center of learning throughout life-long and cultural beacon for the greater community of Pasadena.

In June 1993, voters chose to save existing Pasadena Public Library services and operations when they approved a special library tax with 79.9% of the vote, which has since been renewed twice with more than the required support of two-thirds of all voters. In 1997 he was supported with 84% of the vote and in 2007 he was supported with 80.4% of the vote. The current parcel tax has an expiry date of February 2023.

These revenues are used to keep Pasadena’s libraries open and well maintained. They are also used to purchase up-to-date books and materials, support library programs and services, provide access to computers, Wi-Fi and technology, and retain qualified librarians. It has enabled the Pasadena Public Library to improve its services by implementing an advanced search engine, a computerized index of magazines and newspapers, a new online library catalog and public Internet access with terminals in all locations in the library.

If existing funding through the Pasadena Public Library Services Continuation Measure is not maintained, the city would lose approximately 20% of the library’s budget or $2.8 million per year, which could result in the closure of neighborhood library branches, a reduction in books and collections, a reduction in library hours, the loss of qualified librarians, and cuts to other important programs and services offered to our community .

The Pasadena Public Library Services Continuation Measure is not a new tax. The measure aims to maintain a source of income that has existed for 29 years. Extending the current source of revenue will protect current funding levels.

With voter approval, these funds will only be used for the Pasadena Public Library for the benefit of Pasadena residents. The funds will be subject to independent annual audits and public disclosure.

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