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As of the Spring 2019 semester, the room behind the Eunice and James L. West Library Reference Desk houses a collection of comics donated by Dr Cary Adkinson and Dr Eddy Lynton.

The collection is called Adkinson-Lynton Comic Collection.

There was a plan to have a grand opening ceremony, but due to the pandemic and the lockdowns that followed, they were unable to have one. Instead, the collection was open to students interested in comics and comic book paraphernalia.

Student visits to the section have been few as many students are unaware that the section exists.

Students can watch the movies and cartoons stored in the collection.

“I do not have [know that the library had a comic book collection]. That’s why I was interested in hearing about it [when you mentioned it]said Doug Fournier, principal theater major and chairman of the anime club.

The collection also includes graphic novels, movies and TV shows, as well as books on comics.

Students are not able to verify anything in the collection due to the valuable nature of the materials involved, but they are more than welcome to stay in the room with small gaming chairs, sufficient light, and a television with a disc player.

The creators, Adkinson and Lynton, created the collection because of their combined love of comics and their combined personal collections.

“Growing up, I remember always wishing the Fort Worth Public Library had a comic book section. It’s a common collection that you see in libraries, so I thought it would be great to have one in Texas Wesleyan for all of our students (as well as faculty and staff) to enjoy! I mentioned that I was considering donating part of my personal collection to the Western Library to my colleague, Dr. Eddy Lynton, and he said he would also like to donate his collection, ”he said. writes Adkinson.

Students can read comics and other graphic novels.



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