The County Line | The summer reading program will have a first performance



From Page to the Stage, the local summer reading program, will premiere at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 30, at the Wilton Community Center.

Shelby Leland participates in a warm-up exercise.

The show, titled “Tales of Tails”, is sponsored by the Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District in association with the Ontario and Wilton Community Libraries. The creators compiled and scripted folk tales from various cultures that explained how different animals got or lost their tails. This theme paralleled that of the Winding Rivers Library System’s summer reading program.

Over the summer, program director Kim Neal Nofsinger, assisted by Emma Felland and Suzi McLendon, facilitated workshops in surrounding communities and interacted with approximately 40 young readers. Their activities included treasure hunts, games, storytelling and reading activities, and theater / performance exercises. The main objective of this program was to share the fun that can come when someone is immersed in a story. Participants had the opportunity to help shape the presentation of these stories into readers’ theater. “Tales of Tails” is the highlight of this program.

The participants who chose to perform are Camila Castro, Sophie Erdman, Jillian Fawley, Zoey Harris, Violet Jensen, Braelynn Leisso, Shelby Leland, Sammi Markee, Shannon Palladino and Aubrey Thorson. They will be assisted by Emma Felland and Suzi McLendon.

This program was funded by a grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Admission is donation-based.

Braelynn Leisso
Camila castro
SPEAKERS – Front row: Suzi McLendon, Daphne Arndt, Camila Castro, Violet Jensen and Emma Felland. Second row: Shannon Palladino, Braelynn Leisso, Shelby Leland and Zoey Harris. Third row: Sophie Erdman, Aubrey Thorson, Jillian Fawley and Sammi Markee.



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