The Gering Public Library will host a showcase of local authors scheduled for November 20


Gering Public Library is pleased to announce a showcase of local authors featuring Andrea Myers, April Fiet and Todd Von Kampen. Stop by the Gering Library between 2 and 4 p.m. on Sunday November 20 to meet some of our local authors about their books and enjoy some light refreshments.

Andrea Myers grew up in Gering and moved to Colorado after college. She returned to her Nebraska roots in 2020. She has been a piano teacher, realtor, and frequent blogger about single motherhood, life, and mental health. After discovering a bundle of love letters to her grandmother from several soldiers during World War II and a diary that chronicles her grandmother’s work at the Scottsbluff POW camp, she wrote “Behind the Wire”. For more information and for a calendar of events, please visit

April Fiet is a pastor, wife, mother and lover of words. She finds inspiration under the big Nebraska skies, in the garden, in the yarn aisle and in the kitchen. When she’s not taking the kids to their various activities, spending time at church, feeding her chickens, and playing with her dogs and cat, Fiet finds joy in expressing herself through writing. Fiet writes for At the Table with April Fiet ( and published his first book “The Sacred Pulse: Holy Rhythms for Overwhelmed Souls” in December 2021.

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Our rhythm of life is often borrowed from the rhythm of life that surrounds us. Humans have created a tempo of perfection and production so strong and fast that we often forget – if we ever knew it at all – the rhythms designed for our well-being. In “The Sacred Pulse,” pastor and author Fiet invites readers to examine the frenetic patterns of our lives to reclaim the deeper sacred impulses that punctuate our days. Through stories, scriptures, and practical advice for daily living, she lays out twelve rhythms—including gardening, crafts, friendship, and vacations—that are both enduring and enduring. Everyday acts like meal times and errands, and sporadic rhythms like the occasional snowy day: recovering these patterns can remind us of God’s sacred movement in the world.

Todd Von Kampen compiled “Canteen: The Letters”, which is a top 300 selection of approximately 16,000 letters from WWII servicemen and their loved ones who came to North Platte for over 80 years. He previously edited “Canteen: As It Happened”, which was a compilation of news articles published about the canteen during World War II.

Scottsbluff, Gering, Lyman, Mitchell, Morrill and McGrew are on the WWII Canteen Honor Roll, the group of 125 communities in Nebraska and northeastern Colorado from which some 55,000 people supplied goods, money or volunteer time to run the canteen. Senator Deb Fischer and Rep. Adrian Smith have both sponsored bills to collectively award a Congressional Gold Medal to all canteen volunteers and communities.

Von Kampen has worked in the newspaper business for more than 30 years and even worked for the Star-Herald in the 1990s. He and his wife still have family in the area.

Contact the Gering Public Library at (308) 436-7433 or [email protected] for any questions or for more information.

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