You can now search your library’s eBook collection directly from Google



Thanks to Google, you can now more easily follow your book club without losing money every month.

The company just added a new search feature that lets you search for book titles in your local library’s eBook system right from your phone.


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In a tweet this week, Google shared the advice that finding eBooks is as easy as typing a book into the mobile app’s search bar or your desktop web browser.

The name of the book will bring up the “Get Book” tab, which offers options to purchase or borrow the e-book version.

Instead of purchasing eBooks, you can scroll down to simply borrow the book from your local library system. Head to this section of the search results before you jump into buying options. Based on your location, the search will show nearby library systems where you can view the book for your eReader.

One of my last book club picks, Alias ​​Grace, by Margaret Atwood of The Handmaid’s Tale fame, comes straight to nearby library systems.

Credit: google search / screenshot

Instead of searching the San Francisco Public Library e-book app, clicking on Google takes me directly to the library’s online checkout page so I can download the book seamlessly from my original search. No need to browse through the different apps and tabs.

Find, click and read.

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