Your March Book Collection


From the Heart of Nature: Pamela Gale-Malhotra

This is an amazing story behind the establishment of a private forest sanctuary in India. In this deeply fascinating and inspiring personal journey, Pamela shares how she connected and communicated with animals and trees on both a physical and spiritual level, and how understanding and caring for nature is the only way to save humanity. Called “Noah’s Ark” by an Oxford University scientist, the SAI Sanctuary is an example of how nature exists on a delicate balance. You cannot destroy nature and you cannot rearrange it without serious consequences for your existence!

The Queen of Indian Pop: The Authorized Biography of Usha Uthup

Usha Uthup, undisputed icon of Indian pop music, captivated a whole generation of listeners with her unforgettable voice and continues to do so. Completing fifty years as a professional singer in 2020 was just another milestone in her storied career.

In this vivid biography, originally written in Hindi, Vikas Kumar Jha captures the entire arc of Uthup’s musical career. From his childhood in Mumbai and his first gigs with jazz bands in the glitzy nightclubs of Chennai to his meteoric rise as an Indian musical sensation and his philanthropic work, Jha covers it all and manages to weave a colorful narrative, inspiring and destined to keep any reader engrossed until the end.


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